Saturday, 5 December 2015

5 Things About Me!

Well, isn't this just a shiny, brand new post on a shiny, brand new blog? Hello, blogosphere. How are you this morning?

Some of you might remember me from Wild Bear, and while I'm still proud of everything I did with that site, it's sort of deviated from who I am as a writer and a human, so when the domain expired recently I took the cue to reinvent my web presence to reflect my life a little better. For this, my very first post as Elena the Mermaid, I figured I'd reintroduce myself for those of you who've never "met" me, and anyone who wants to know more.

I found him!

1. I love aquariums and the sea

This fact cannot be overstated. I am at my absolute happiest when I am in the presence of animals, and marine life is way, way up there with my favourites. When I was little I used to spend a lot of summers at my aunt's house. She had a swimming pool in her garden, and I spent hours swimming underwater, floating about and imagining I was a mermaid. This was partially inspired by Ariel from the Little Mermaid (I'm a child of the 90s, of course I'm a Disney fan) but there was also a Pokémon book I owned where Misty goes back to her sisters' gym and performs in a mermaid display with a load of water Pokémon which sounded like my dream job.

2. I have blue hair (usually)

This year I finally took the plunge and bleached the hell out of my naturally dark brown hair and started the arduous task of dyeing it blue. There have been some teething problems, from initially having to wear a wig to work, to accidentally splattering most of my bathroom in Directions Midnight Blue, but most of these are resolved now. I love having blue hair, and it makes me feel more myself than I ever did as a brunette, despite the multiple chemical processes it takes to make it this colour.

3. I'm in a band called Trash Panda.

Earlier this year I met up with these boys and we formed a band called Trash Panda. We're sort of alt-rock, a little bit goth punk and we're in the process of polishing out 10-song set of original music. Hopefully 2016 will be the year of the Panda, but honestly playing and writing music with these boys is usually the best part of my week.

4. My brain isn't always on my side

I have bipolar disorder, which can make normal life a little bit difficult at times. I suffer from anxiety-induced hallucinations and take medication called Quetiapine, both of which prevent me from doing certain things, like driving a car or going out and partying every weekend. If my sleep patterns are disturbed I can get a lot worse very quickly, and my bad days can be very, very bad. Between medication, therapy and the support network of brilliant humans in my life, I'm usually doing ok though. 

5. I am a feminist and I am queer

Those things might sound unrelated, but actually I feel like my sexuality has informed my feminism, to an extent. Just over a year ago I got involved in a little bit of a media storm over something called The Ugly Girls Club. To cut a long story short, my old uni's feminism society launched something of a joint clapback and acceptance movement via selfies which went global, and as a result the face I'm pulling above was on the Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, the Guardian, Huffpost and apparently a couple of news channels. What can I say, my ability to take a truly horrendous photograph is pretty much unparalleled.

These five points just scratch the surface, but they give a bit of an insight to some of the lego bricks I'm built from. Why not tell me a few facts about yourselves in the comments?



  1. I loved this post! And your hair is beautiful <3
    With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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    1. Thank you sweetheart! It's a lot of maintenance, but it's so worth it!



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