Friday, 1 January 2016

My Favourite YouTubers

If you followed my old blog, you may have seen that I posted a few videos on a little website called YouTube - perhaps you've heard of it? Unfortunately, a full-time job, winter darkness, pets and mental health dramas meant I couldn't really keep much of a regular posting schedule, and when I rebranded I left all of my videos on my old channel, where they belong. I'm still proud of the content, and you're more than welcome to give any of them a watch, but any YouTube stuff I do from now on is going to be more about my poetry, art and music.

However, I still watch a LOT of videos. My Saturday mornings are spent lying in bed, checking my subscriptions and catching up with this wonderful variety of interesting internet strangers. I thought I'd share with you some of my feed favourites.

I love this girl. She is the first YouTuber I developed a low-key obsession with, when I watched the video below. I know, I know, the video I'm using to showcase her is super-old, but it's the one I first clicked with and it's a great place to start if you've never watched any of her videos before. She's an animal lover and posts about all sorts from Lush hauls to rat habitat tours.


The only man on this list - sorry to the dudes of YouTube for the lack of representation. Jack is a little silly, very funny, and always makes me giggle when I need it. He's largely known for his "Your Grammar Sucks" series where he reads and ridicules terrible comments from various corners of the internet, but he also does parodies of pop culture and technology. My favourite series of his is called "YIAY", which stands for "Yesterday, I asked you..." This is an audience participation show and has been known to make me laugh so hard I cry. This episode is one of my favourites.

Katy and Sam

These girls are responsible for keeping my faith in love alive. They're such a cute couple and their videos are just hilarious. They're a pair of sweetpeas, and are also two of my favourite Twitter friends.

Maeve of Thrift O'Clock

This girl is adorable, and her voice puts the biggest smile on my face. Her videos include hauls, monthly favourites and beauty challenges. Maeve is incredibly relatable, and the products and stores she buys from are a little more budget-friendly than some of the big-name vloggers, which makes her one of my favourites.

Zoe London

On of the more famous vloggers on this list, Zoe does fashion hauls, beauty videos and Q&As. I LOVE her "Bands do my makeup" videos, and her sense of style is quite similar to my own. Here she is, trying out one of 2015's more contentious beauty trends: glitter roots.

The Sorry Girls

These girls make me want to move to Canada and go thrift shopping, buy every colour of spray paint and live in my craft room. Their DIYs are accessible, original and budget-friendly. Not only that, but their no-nonsense, calm approach has helped me get over my fear of power tools! Becky and Kelsey are awesome, and definitely worth a follow if you want to stretch your creative muscles in 2016!

Rosie Spaughton/TheRoxetera

One half of my favourite YouTube couple, and another YouTube bisexual, Rosie Spaughton is a great addition to any subscription feed. She mostly posts with her wife, Rose (who I'll chat about later) and they post really regularly about their home life, their pets, sexuality and love. What's not to like about that?


I started following Lala after I watched her tattoo videos (I love me some tattoos), and I loved watching her journey this year as she got married and had her first baby. The video of her labour and the birth of her son, Kaleb, is incredibly touching. She also posts about budget-friendly hair and beauty products, and every year she does tutorials for some brilliant Halloween looks, using products most people would already have at home.

Emily Boo

Another blue-haired beauty (apparently there are quite a few of us!) who I stumbled across after watching the episode of Snog, Marry, Avoid that she was on! She's the coolest mum out there, and her sense of style is so fun and original. She's also one of the chattiest vloggers when it comes to the comments section, which makes watching her videos doubly rewarding! It doesn't hurt that she's searingly funny.

Rose Ellen Dix

The other half of Rose and Rosie, Rose Ellen Dix is side-splittingly hilarious and her marriage to Rosie is just so inspiring. Seeing two femmes in love is obviously great for me as a bisexual who is largely attracted to femme women. Also their wedding was absolutely stunning (and led to a huge Twitter backlash against Taylor Swift after her team got their wedding video muted for using mere seconds of one of her songs!)

Annika Victoria

Another brilliant YouTube DIY girl, Annika does sewing tutorials for sewers of all ages and abilities, from phone cases to dresses, and even a make-your-own onesie! She's committed to promoting sustainable fashion and she has her own clothing range with prints she designed herself. I love the fact that she even posts her attempts that go wrong, which makes her a little more human to someone like me, whose DIY failures are far more numerous than my successes!

These aren't all the YouTubers I subscribe to, but they're definitely some of my all-time favourites. Who do you like to watch? Are any of your favourites on this list?



  1. Great post! Thank you for this - I love sewing, so of course I intend to spend my entire day watching Annika Victoria videos and choosing fabric to make a square circle skirt with.
    Poppy |

    1. Thanks Poppy! I really want to do more sewing this year - I'm getting an overlocker for my birthday, so I can follow more of Annika's tutorials to the letter!



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