Saturday, 2 January 2016

Six Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Life is quite scary. It's very easy to make a never-ending list of big negative spectres looming large over all of our lives. Just watching the news or looking at a paper can be enough to induce anxiety, and it's sometimes really hard to find something to smile about. When this happens, I have a few things I like to fall back on to create a little bit of happiness, however temporary.

I went to Build-a-Bear and made a bunny. A Star Wars bunny. I'm so on-brand.
I'm not an overly tactile person. I don't go out of my way to touch people, I don't like physical contact when I'm not actively seeking it and I can get a bit prickly if someone invades my personal space. But, correctly timed, a good hug can have immensely healing properties. There's a lot of science that says that you get lots of lovely hormone floods when you hug people, and I know it can make me feel better when I need it.


My fluffbag family never fails to make me happy. Ok, maybe I'm not so thrilled when I'm scrubbing hutches in the rain, or when one of them costs me lots of money at the vet, but spending time with rabbits is time well-spent. They are wonderful clowns, and they all have such varied personalities and quirks. 2015 was a slightly rough year for the bunny family, which makes them all the more precious to me.

Red Lipstick

When life gets you down, there's nothing like a kick-ass shade of red to make you feel a bit more pulled-together.

Star Wars

 Yep, I'm a consumer whore and I have no shame.


Doodling has long been one of my coping mechanisms, and I have a few recurring characters, like Derek the Merbear. I'd really love to finish a children's book one day using these characters and my sketches. 


I love going to aquariums so much. I also love the sea, but I don't go too often, so I make do by visiting aquariums as often as I can. I love finding a quiet tank, sitting by it and resting my head at just the right angle, so I can imagine I'm actually in the water with the fish.

What makes you all glowy with joy? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love reading posts like this, you really get a proper glimpse into a blogger and what makes them tick! I often struggle with anxiety myself, but all 4 of my build a bear My Little Ponies help with that, the same as you!

    Just HOW adorable is Derek?! I think I want him on a t-shirt!

    Alice ||


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