Monday, 8 February 2016

Saying Goodbye to my Dexter

This weekend I lost two of my rabbits. It's never easy to have a pet die, and I love, and have loved, all of my pets. I've cried when my goldfish and shrimps died, and just thinking about the fact that my dog is getting old cuts me up. Losing two rabbits in one weekend has been horrible enough, but one of the two was my boy Dexter.

All of my adult rabbits have been rescues, and I feel very strongly about the ethics surrounding animal adoption. But, part of the problem behind adopting is that you can't guarantee that the animal had been raised in a wholesome, healthy environment. I know for a fact that Dexter (along with Teddy and Oliver, who I rescued from the same woman) were all kept in terrible conditions and given an appalling diet of white bread and breakfast cereals. Oliver died from kidney problems associated with this upbringing last year, and Dexter had ongoing digestive issues. That said, Teddy is in the peak of health, despite some initial behavioural issues that look a good nine months to resolve.

I love all my animals, from the littlest minnow to my big soppy labrador. But Dexter really was my baby. He was the first rabbit to ever actively seek contact and affection from me. He was the first bunny to fall asleep on my lap, or snuggle into my neck for security.

He needed me for more than just food, water and shelter; Dexter made it clear that he needed my love in a way no other rabbit ever has. Losing him has left a weird hollow feeling in my chest, and I've been crying so hard over the last few days I've actually made myself ill.

I know part of the grieving process is trying to make some sense and meaning out of the lost life, especially when the death was so sudden and unexpected. This is definitely the case here. I want to do something to remember my tiny boy, something good and important. And, after a little thought, I think I know what it is.

I've been toying with going cruelty free with my choice of hair/beauty products and cosmetics for a long time. I've been vegan and vegetarian previously, though I'm currently omnivorous, and I plan to spend this year re-aligning my life to a fully vegetarian diet, if not completely vegan.

While Dexter was never a lab-rabbit, he did experience a lot of suffering in his early life, and if my actions can go even a small way to help prevent animals going through unnecessary pain then it's something I have to do. So, I'm going to start eliminating all non cruelty-free products from my life. So, if anyone had a dupe for MAC's "Men Love Mystery" I'm all ears.

So, in a few months' time if someone asks why I only shop cruelty-free, I'll tell them I'm doing it for Dexter.

If you're thinking of getting a pet, please consider animal adoption first. Contact your local shelter for more information.



  1. This made me want to cry :'( losing a pet is so horrible. Dexter sounds like he was adorable! I hope you're okay! At least he got to have a good life with you so he was happy and loved.

  2. Reading this made my heart hurt. I am so sorry about your loss, Dexter is gorgeous. I have a house rabbit whom I love deeply and I completely understand that bond that can be formed with these beautiful, inquisitive creatures.

    I wouldn't change my Duke for the world but I do wish that I'd gone to the RSPCA first (I was uneducated about it all). Nowadays I read about so many rescue animals that desperately need a loving home so I vow that the next animal I get will definitely be a rescue. xx

  3. So sorry to hear this :( Too sad but it is lovely your soul's found each other. xx

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this news hun. What a gorgeous rabbit he was (and an awesome name!). I know how awful it can be to lose an animal, they really do become our babies. Lots of love! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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